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What are your transportation options?

Travelling to Oaxaca is now more affordable than ever and in this page we will present you with the many possible options.


OaxacaDental Air Travel Recommendation:

From Mexico City, Viva Aerobus has just announced flights to Oaxaca for only $60-70 dollars!
Viva Aerobus

Here is a small table showing the different airlines with their respected prices. Flight price is from Houston, TX to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Airline Price Roundtrip
Viva Aerobus              $350.43
U.S. Airways               $500.00
American Airlines      $523.00
Interjet                        $500.00
Aeromexico                 $574.00
Delta                             $767.00
Mexico Dentist Ground Travel Recommendation:

Ground transportation is the most economical way to get to Oaxaca but if you do decide to take ground transportation to get there be prepared for a very long ride. To get from Houston, TX to Mexico City you are looking at a time of around 23-24 hours. After that, the ride to Oaxaca should be around 5-6 hours.


Here are some links of bus lines to choose from:

These are our recommendations, but feel free to choose your own means of travel. Here are a few helpful websites to find your preferred method: