Why Us

We have a large modern dental office to perform quality Dentistry , state of the art technology, including digital X rays, which allow for less radiation for the patient. Three dimensional diagnosis of cat scans for safer placement of dental implants. Ultrasonic Cavitron cleaning equipment for faster cleaning of teeth and less traumatic removal of calculus and debris. Instead of the traditional cleaning using hand instruments, the new technique cuts cleaning time to one third and is less traumatic on the gum line , diminishes bleeding and loosening of already mobile teeth.

All dental instruments are sterilized by autoclave to ensure the appropriate sterilization cycles and prevent contamination with infectious diseases. Having a dental laboratory on site gives us quality control and esthetics problems can be met and addressed properly.


Dr. Ángel Gómez

Dr. Angel Gómez is an English-speaking dentist who graduated fromdr the Technological University of México in México City. He has practiced dentistry for 31 years and has a Masters Degree in Prosthodontics from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in Ann Arbor.
Two dental technicians, with years of experience in dental prosthesis, a root canal specialist, an oral surgeon and an on-site dental laboratory assure the quality and speed of Dr. Gómez’s work.
Each prosthesis is specifically tailored to the patient’s needs taking special care with color and cosmetic considerations.


Why See A Specialized Dental Professional?

General dentists cannot detect dental problems that a specialist can see easily.All too often patients say: “I went to my dentist he never said anything about me having gum disease.” Specialists are trained to consider everything that is happening in their patients’ mouths.


Why See An English Speaking Dentist?

Being able to communicate in the same language facilitates understanding, and builds trust in a doctor-patient relationship. Having trained in  the United States Dr. Gómez understands and speaks English fluently so that his patients can feel confident that he not only understands them but can explain all procedures clearly and confidently.


Why See A Prosthodontist And Not A Regular Dentist?

Making a dental crown or a fixed bridge requires knowledge of the tooth anatomy and space related to other teeth while cutting a tooth preparation. Developing a good definitive margin that will make a crown fit properly on a tooth requires specialized detail work.The dental technician should be able to read the impression easily which is not always possible when a general dentist does it.

Having taught at several dental schools and being the director of a Dental Technician school for the last fifteen years has made Dr. Gómez aware of how important it is to make the appropriatly fitting bridgework.


Why See A Periodontist And Not A Regular Dentist?

The surrounding structure of the tooth is just as important as the good fit of the crown. Being trained as a periodontist has taught Dr. Gómez to emphasize good marginal fit on crowns and bridge work to preserve optimum gum tissue health.
Dr. Gómez has worked as a prosthodontist for 26 years and has extensive experience with full mouth reconstructions using porcelain and zirconium. (see photos)
He has also worked in maxillofacial prosthesis making eyes for patients and removable partial dentures for cancer patients (see photos).
He became a periodontist in 2004 and now specializes in treating gum diseases as well as the placement and restoration of dental implants.
All dental instruments are sterilized by autoclave and only bottled water is used in all procedures.
Dr. Gómez’ dental fees are 1/3 the cost of a U. S. dentist and ¼ the fee of a U.S. specialist.