Why is Oaxaca Special?

Located 228 air miles South East of Mexico City, Oaxaca’s half million citizens blend Mixtec, Zapotec, and Mayan cultures to form a vibrant, busy community. The city’s historically preserved center features 20 museums, 70+ quality hotels, and over 200 restaurants and cafes. Its main plaza (Zócalo), with fountains, flowers, and majestic trees, is surrounded by open air cafes and restaurants. Always busy whith hundreds of locals and visitors, it features live musical entertainment every night of the week.

Oaxaca is said to be the country’s most popular visit site for Mexican tourists.

FOOD: Many of Mexico’s most famous culinary artisans live in Oaxaca, insired by its cultural diversity and the abundant availability of so many different locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables. Try all seven types of Oaxaca mole! Oaxaca also hosts excellent international restaurants from many nations.

HOTELS: Several mid-ranges hotels lie within a very-easy walking distance from the Zócalo and the dental office. Among these are: Aurora Hotel and Gala Hotel, priced from $40US to $60US per night with reduced weekly rates. To learn about a broader selection we recommend a visit to www.tripadvisor.com

MARKETS: Oaxaca has four major tourist markets and hundreds of street vendors? Accessible by convenient, economical buses and taxis, many nearby villages specialize in unique handicrafts and weaving, created no where else in Mexico. Large neighboring towns have their own market days. Each offers visitors a unique explosion of sights, sounds, and smells — and bargains too.

PRECOLUMBIAN MEXICO: Nine significant archaelogical sites, containing pyramids, temples and tombs, lie within one hour, easily accessible by local bus, taxi, or by tour. The largest, Monte Alban, was the economic, political, and cultural center of a vast 2800 year old civilization. Gold and silver jewelry from these tombs is featured in Oaxaca’s Museum of Oaxacan Culture.

ENTERTAINMENT: Multiple events take place every night of the week, all year long.

To see current activities, visit:

www.oaxacacalendar.com and www.quepasaoaxaca.com